About LV

Hayley Taylor – Founder of LV CBD


For as long as I can remember (around 16 years),  I've suffered with deep dull pains in my pelvic area and lower back. Which became worse after having my two children. Every day was a struggle. Being in pain most of the day, every day was taking it's toll. I was becoming used to being in pain and realised that this is not normal.

Taking ibuprofen throughout the day took the edge off and I thought to myself, there's got to be something more natural that can help.

So after researching, I decided to take cbd oil. I purchased my first bottle from a high street health shop. I started with 500mg and took a few drops a day, I did find it helped alleviate the pain slightly, but would wear off quite quickly.

Upon researching some more I came across a higher strength cbd oil, 3000mg (30%) oil and thought I'd try that. I came across it through a mutual friend and I can honestly say it's the best thing I ever did. I noticed a difference within 4 days, a big difference and thought "maybe I'm having a good couple of days". But no this was it, I had found the ONE.

Not only did the 3000mg oil help with my pain, but it also helped my anxiety (which I didn't know I had). I was sleeping much better and cleared my brain fog.

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I became more interested in how CBD could help other individuals. I purchased more CBD and offered them to family and friends to try. They too, we’re surprised at how much this product was helping them. Everything from helping with their pain, anxiety, depression and debilitating headaches.

I decided to spread the word about my CBD oil and have since sold to many of my customers and with the amazing feed back I was receiving, decided to create my website. Being able to provide my premium CBD products to the UK at affordable prices.

I come from a holistic background, currently working as a Clinical Homeopath and previously a Sports Therapist. So finding a product which can help people with natural ingredients is so important to me. And knowing how much it is helping others with their general well being has been an amazing journey so far.

Our team at LV are very excited for the future and for the future of our customers. Bringing back some balance to their well being and helping them live the best life they can with our products.