I’ve been using Hayley’s products for some time now and cannot thank her enough for her help and expertise! this oil is truly life changing and the bath bombs are heaven.

Amy, Sharnbrook

I’ve been using the CBD oil for 6 months now and it’s done wonders for my anxiety. I just feel a lot more in control of my emotions.
I’ve recently tried the CBD coffee and it’s lovely, such a nice taste and can be taken along side the oil. I would highly recommend Hayley’s products to anyone 5 stars from me.

Lucy, Bedford

I’ve been taking this oil for 3 month now. Iv tried so many oils spent so much money, but by far this is the best for quality, taste, strength and its worked wonders for me. I would be lost with out this oil. I’m on 4000mg I have the cbd infused coffee in the morning and two drops under the tongue at night, I have psoriatic arthritis, fibromyalgia and IBS it’s my miracle oil, I rave so much about this product, you will not be disappointed. Thank you LVCBD xx

Charlie, Kempston

Here l am week 3 without taking cbd oil from Hayley. Purgatory is the word. Experimented using the cbd oil for 2 weeks then left it off. Big mistake. The pains in my fingers are back, not immediately and not like it was but it is back. It proves to me at least that the strength of this cbd oil is far superior to that l usually use as l would have to take probably 8 or so drops to meet the strength of this oil per dose. Plus, and this is a big plus, l paid far more for my original supply.

Highly recommend as a definite for arthritis/rheumatic type pain and a feeling of calm. I think the experiment is now complete.

Paula, Milton Keynes

It’s helped my boyfriends nan who’s is 92 and has arthritis. It’s helped with her day to day mobility. It’s given her a new lease of life. Amazing product.

Lucy, Bedford

I’m absolutely loving Hayley’s CBD oil. I really suffer from anxiety, some days it’s so bad I get crippling pains to my stomach. Using Hayley’s CBD oil has helped me no end. Just a few drops 3 times a day takes the edge off of it. It just helps to calm me down. Plus it’s amazing value for money. The strength of the product is normally around £100 if not more but Hayley’s is so much more affordable, I couldn’t be happier.

Laura, Kempston

I’ve purchased a few different types of cbd from health food shops. They were a bit helpful but only took the edge off the pain of my osteoarthritis and spondolitis.

Since using the 3000mg cbd oil from Hayley, I have more energy and the pain is next to none. I have the odd day where my conditions flare up (nothing like they did), especially in the cold weather but I really feel the oil is working well for me. I’m able to go out more and enjoy my gardening. I will definitely be recommending this product to others.

Ivy, Milton Keynes

I’ve used the 3000mg cbd oil from LV for a few weeks and must say I’m very impressed with my results. I suffer from hot flushes, anxiety and night sweats.

I noticed the oil helped firstly with my anxiety. I was nervous going out of the house and driving. I am much calmer now and don’t react to stressful situations. I feel I can cope better. I then noticed the hot flushes. I still get them, definitely less often, but very minor in comparison to how they were. I felt so embarrassed when I was having one as it was noticeable for people to see.

And my night sweats again are much better, very slight and I feel they will continue to get better. I’ve only been on the oil a few weeks and I’m so happy with how I’m feeling. Thank you very much for introducing me to your product.

Ana, goldington

I would definitely recommend the cbd oil for anxiety. I would find it very hard to wake up in the morning. I felt negative about everything and having to face work daily has been a constant battle for many years.

I’ve used cbd before and it was ok, however I started using a stronger dosage 3000mg. I can tell the quality is much better with this oil and although it took a good 10 days to see a difference, I really have. I’m feeling much more positive about life, getting up is less hard. Work is still a struggle sometimes, but I can better manage my time, I don’t panic. I’m so much more calm. I’ve been taking the oil for roughly 3 1/2 weeks and I’m much more content with myself  Can recommend this product 100%

Amy, Bedford

Wow, absolutely love this oil. It has helped me with pain, anxiety, depression and energy. Feel the best I’ve felt in years

Clare, Cranfield

Great product, has helped me no end. Thank you Hayley for introducing me to cbd oil.

Dave, Bedford

Your product is amazing! My back after many years of crippling pain that affected my everyday life, has given me such relief and freedom of movement! God bless you, you life saver! X 

Anna, Bedford

Hi Hayley I just thought I would update you on my son. The CBD is a miracle, my son has had no meltdowns and is a happier boy. I forgot to give him drops one Thursday morning and he had a meltdown that morning. He is so much happier.

Grianne, Clapham (for her son)

Hi, just wanted to say a massive thank you. CBD has honestly been a life changer, I can finally get a decent night's sleep and I don't wake up really anxious. So thank you, so, so, so much x

Poppy, Goldington

I started taking CBD oil to help with my pain in my chronic shoulder and arm pain and I noticed after 5 days of taking the CBD oil, I felt as if the oil had taken the edge of the pain. I have continued taking it and I have since recommended it to several friends who have also found it beneficial.

Tina, London

Hayley is great to deal with and so much better than the CBD oil you get online. I have been suffering from anxiety, depression and a variety of night sweats etc. And after 1 week of taking LV CBD all of my symptoms started to get better. It's been 4 weeks now and I feel so good.

Dawn, Renhold

I have been taking CBD oil now for a few months as o was taking high levels of pain killers and wanted something more natural. With the support from Hayley getting the correct strength. I have now stopped taking all of my pain killers and only use CBD oil. Having benefitted myself from taking CBD I now give it to my dog to help with pain relief as she suffers from hip pain. She is now bouncing around like a puppy again. I cannot recommend enough the benefits of taking CBD oil, Hayley's prices are affordable with a good, quality product with easy to use bottles.

Grianne, Clapham (for herself)